GRS certification (Global Recycling Standards) is an international, voluntary, and complete product standard that addresses supply chain manufacturers’ product recycling / recycling ingredients, chain of custody control, social responsibility and environmental regulations, and chemical restrictions Implementation and certification by a third party certification body.

GRS certification is a global recycling standard certification, which is formulated for the needs of the textile industry, verifying recycled products or certain specific products. What’s more important is to let retailers and consumers know which parts of a particular product are recycled materials and how they are handled in the supply chain. To get GRS certification, all companies involved in manufacturing and operating your products, including suppliers of semi-finished products, must also meet GRS standards.

Protecting the sea and land environment on which we live depends on our human temperance and efforts. Would you choose to be an environmentally friendly person?

Hillsong got the GRS certificate on 15 Jan. 2020 and have started to work with some clients from Europe for the recyclable fabric projects. If you are considering to do any recyclable fabric, welcome contact us.

Post time: Jun-05-2020